Friday, November 03, 2006

An Overture to the Journey

Six men, brought together from the corners of America, have convened around The Round Table and decreed to invade, conquer, and settle in New Zealand indefinitely. This is their story.

They range from a sweet Georgian Man-boy, Shock (pictured above) to a Boston Cream Puff, Charlie. There's a former Staff Director, Morgan, an Irish Jigger, Dunne, a World Traveler, Calvert, and Trainer, a Tennessean Cowpoke. With the blessings of a nation, we go as ambassadors into a nation alltogether unprepared for the onslaught to come. Lord have mercy on the innocent.

Every heavenly-ordained mission needs its founding document. This is ours:

New Zealand Manifesto

Extra points for scoring while landing at Auckland
Vespas are to be used as outriggers for the communal traveling van
No Diesals
No chicks (for extended stays) We're dudes!
Babes get your own Vespa
Parties: Christmas Dinner, Superbowl, New Years, Trainer's B-day...Any excuse, really
The Christmas Card should be scandalous
We set out for Wellington on the 10th of December
We get hotels - not hostels
Shock does roids in order to get a strip club job
Find cell phones (for the calling of fine ladies) - screw land lines
We need internet (for porn)
Go on a excursion? You're still paying rent, fool!
We gotta get seats together on the plane. And free booze
Everyone print their visas
We want a motherfucking impressive big place - fuck yeah!
(this will save money, we'll go out less)
(central location - location, location, location)
We need TV - cable for Golden Girls Marathon
Get local brew for the kegerator. Bring fountain pumps
Get a huge American flag - Ol' Glory!
Everyone puts in Sunday Money for the house - communal funds
One night a week is Team Night (fuck yeah). We crew this shit up.
Shirts for everyone.

Humble beginnings, yes. Bright futures, yes. Fuzzy Memories - that's what the blog's for!

Let the party begin...

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Anonymous said...

people are definitely going to die.

Casey Theriot said...

Oh, my god! I am so proud of you boys for doing this. You are all growns up. I will have your blog on all the time and live vicariously thru you.
Cheers and have a safe trip. I think safe is out of the question. This will be an incredible journey! Just don't come back after 2 weeks!j/k

Miss ya lots,
Your Georgia girl, Casey from NC.

Shock said...

Good luck, have fun and stay outta trouble. It's really hard to wire bail money halfway across the globe. Please keep this blog updated on a regular basis with blog entries and pics. And get my bro back in one piece for my wedding next October.

Big Shock (Shock's big brother)

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you becuase this I know this will be the trip of a lifetime! I am going to try my best to make it out there! I love you Chris and I miss you!

Shley said...

Holy Cow. You guys are fantastic, and I'm extremely jealous. You must be sure to post regularly so I can also live vicariously through your pictures. I will collage them onto my desk top at work to remind me why I am working in the first place, and how much I miss all of you. Can't wait to see the movie.

<3 Shley Bug

j kelly said...

okay, i'm going to need that Christmas card. seriously. if you're sending one out, let me know. i'm going to send you my home address.

and i am kinda afraid for new zealand. afraid. and incredibly jealous.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long it will take until Dunne loses it and buys a ticket home?

Anonymous said...

Have fun lads.
From: The den mother.
Shock - Take care of my nephew. Please do not let him dress in that god awful Led Z. outfit again!!!

Shley said...

In response to anonymous about dunne: I personally wonder how long it will take Calvert to realize he has no money and buy a ticket home.

Calvert, you know I have all faith in you. ;-)

munchie said...

happy holidays from tahoe!! i love you guys. if you need me to help in any way eith the bail money or court hearings, anything, i will be on teh next flight out!! xoxox munch

Anonymous said...

Hey guys..Good to hear from boys, hope yer havin' a blast! I'm at my place on Oregon, enjoying one last trip with my whole body ( the right leg comes off in exactly one week, on Jan. 4th in reno, should be back up to launch speed on the new prosthetic by may at the latest, looking forward to the pack test! Have a blast and we'll see ya in the spring!! MORGAN-careful with the martinis!! Love ya guys, Blair

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