Friday, March 30, 2007

A character who goes by the moniker "Prof" has recently weighed in on our Waitarere weekend.

Happiness is not bound up in doing for self, he notes.

I want the prof to know that your message has reached the boys. An emergency round table meeting was held last night to discuss our narcissistic ways. Voices were raised, tears were shed. Shock was damn near inconsolable.

Decisions were made. For each novelty mug of wine we drink tonight, $4.50 (NZD) will be donated to the Gay Children's Defence Fund, Dunne's charity of choice.

I know it's a small step, prof, but its a start.


Anonymous said...

This makes my crotch ache with joy.

Anonymous said...

A novelty mug of wine in the hand is worth two in the bush


Vaughn said...


Can you please post some photos that don't feature you with shirtless men?

And what's with the Obama crush? Will you get over it? I'll admit that his fake southern accent was more convincing than Hillary's, but don't you know that getting all excited about Democratic Presidential primary races is like getting excited for D3 college sports?

Why don't you pick a grownup to root for?

Miguel said...

It's a nice idea to donate to the Gay Children's Defense Fund. It's a small step to reach pur happiness. Photo is very sweet and tempting.