Friday, December 08, 2006

Day 1

The play by play.

6:15Am. Arrive. Auckland, New Zealand. Landing at sunrise.
7:15Am. Safely through customs. Drug dogs miss us this time.
8:00Am. Meet Calvert in downtown Auckland at the hotel.
9:00Am. Get lead on Van
9:30Am. Eat breakfast.
10:00Am. Purchase Van - $3,000 NZD, $1,500 below original offer
10:30 Am. Finalize insurance, ownership transfer, other federal bullshit
12:00Pm. Roll to mechanic for repairs
12:10Pm. Leave, repair nothing.
2:00Pm. Purchase beer from (not a website).
2:05Pm. Drink beer on park bench. Reflect on our productivity.
3:00Pm. Happy Hour on the Harbour.
6:00Pm. Eat dinner at renowned Asian Food Court
6:30Pm. Bacon Cheeseburgers at Wendy's. Charlie abstains
7:00Pm. Purchase three twelve packs of New Zealand Lager at (still not a website)
7:05Pm. Family Guy on local television.
8:00Pm. Post to blog while waiting on a pool table. Urges to pass out resisted.

What did you do today?


Brent said...

does let you prove that you are 21 just by selecting your birthday from a dropdown list?

Kate O said...

hey guys...i'll be in wellington on the 15th or thereabouts...ya'll down there yet? let me know if any of you wanna meet up at a bar or something...kate.m.odell at new zealand is kinda neat, huh?

H. Balls said...

You guys have blown me away with your productivity!! Are you guys gonna maintain the fire?