Monday, December 18, 2006

Sporting Update

Bringing you all the latest Wellington’s Basin Reserve.

Day 3 of the second Test of Sri Lanka’s tour of New Zealand saw some great action today. The Blackcaps were trying to hold the Sri Lankan lead to a manageable distance in the 2nd innings. The middle line-up gave them some trouble as batsman Silva rebounded greatly from scoring a double duck in the 1st Test by recording his first ever Test century this afternoon before the break for lunch. As the overs increased, spinner Daniel Vettori managed six wickets, with three falling in quick succession before the tea break. Now, with two days left in the Test, the Blackcaps are left chasing 508 and at last check on the day stood at 43/0 with all ten wickets still in hand. The opening partnership of Cumming and How seemed of to a promising start…we’ll see if it carries. Hopefully they can put some balls through the slips and gullies, and with some decent sweep and cutter play, score a good deal of boundaries to at least salvage some pride.

Despite the optimism of Day 3, Today looks to be the end of it for the Blackcaps as they have been clean bowled out of contention, despite a rousing late partnership of Vettori and Franklin. With a solid 265 for 8, however, the New Zealanders will manage a draw in the Series, having claimed the first Test in Christchurch last week. Now they'll contend in the Tewnty20's before a brief round of onde-days to finish off the tour. Oh yes, and topping the list of not-allowed items at the Basin... Sofas.
What a truly glorious sport this is. Now it is time for tea.

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