Saturday, December 30, 2006

Power Rankings: Week Two

#1 Trainer (Last Week: 5)
After a slow start, Trainer tops this weeks rankings owing greatly to a birthday celebration he'll never forget...or was that remember. Never mind. We're just glad he made it home. Congrats, Train...

#2 Charlie (Last Week: 2)
Proving thus far to be our most successful liason to the local population, Charlie stays near the top of this weeks rankings. Consistency isn't everything, though... something will, something must happen.

#3 Calvert (Last Week: 6)
Full time manager pouring free bubbles for the ladies by day, basement bartender chatting up wandering Irishmen by night...Calvert's surge is marred only by some questionable fantasy stats.

#4 Dunne (Last Week: 3)
Slipping this week down to #4, Dunne has been heard to complain that Molly's is 'too Irish.' I would say the grass is greener, but that might not be his favorite color right now.

#5 Shock (Last Week: 4)
An 80s bar means 80s music. Unfortunately it seems to be the same playlist every night...and Madonna 4 times an hour. At least he gets a break from the 80s at home...oh wait, Morgan lives there.

#6 Morgan (Last Week: 7)
Spends a significant portion of the afternoon rolling silverware. Seems like somethings never change, like Morgan's ranking this week.

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Vaughn said...


Many of us Chicagoans have been reviewing your blog. I want you to know that based on reviewing the photos on this site, we've come to the conclusion that your choice of New Zealand as a destination must have had less to do with visa issues than it did with finding a culture more accepting of an alternative lifestyle. Does anyone where shirts over there? Are these glistening shirtless cowboys your friends or have you discovered a kiwi male stripper agency with a frequent buyer program? Regardless, it is good to see you "NZboys" enjoying each other so much.

Happy New Year. Hope all is well. Everybody misses you at home.