Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Terrace: Uncorked

We've had our fair share of Sunday morning celebrations here at the Penthouse...

Christmas, Superbowl, Easter
...and we've noticed that they all begin the same way.

and by that we mean,
"Look Out Below"

Coming Soon: Anzac Day
...but we'll probably make something up before then anyway.


Miguel said...

it is always amused to happen late with the friends to celebrate as it excuses any thing.What is Anzac Day and what you celebrate and when it is?

Angel said...

Well done. I like your blog. Speak soon. A.

Anonymous said...

well done .And welcome to my blog -
Thank you

Shley said...

Hey Guys, Yo, STEVE is so friggin' funny. You should have kept him. Also, Hooray for Champagne on Sunday Mornings! And Soggy Blogs! And Kickball! That's it. Good luck, and Good night. I've heard rumors that in the next couple of months you'll all be trickling back over here. Someone call me when you get back state side eh? I have a pull out couch and a pool and I'm itchin' for visitors to party with. :-)