Friday, April 06, 2007

Touring the North Island

Recently, Maggie and Matt took off with Katie to race around the North Island of New Zealand in a rented car.

Even more recently, Google released something called "My Maps." This allows someone to track their journey on a satellite map and add text and pictures, so that they can make a kind of travelblog out of the whole thing. So click on the picture below and take your own tour of the North Island through the eyes of 3 young college grads out to find something in New Zealand besides sheep and delicious lamb meat.

You can also check out the Web Album for full-sized pictures of the whole journey.

At this point, I'd like to give my thanks to Google, which made the following possible:

  1. Blogger - for the writing
  2. Blogger Buzz - for giving us street rep
  3. Goggle Talk - for getting directions from friends in net cafes when we were lost
  4. Google Maps - to prevent getting lost in the first place
  5. My Maps - for the travelblog (tripcast, iMap, maplog, plog...what's the term for that?)
  6. Picasa - for the web albums we can link to blogger
  7. G-mail - for notifying my family about my status (Alive or Dead)
  8. Google search - for bringing new folks to the blog
  9. Google Ad-sense - for the procuring of $$
  10. Google Finance - for helping get all my $$'s together to fund the whole thing.
Thanks guys

Coming soon: The South Island Tour


Marshall said...

Wait a second... ad-sense? Our blog is pulling in cash that isn't going towards filling a communal beer fridge?

Trainer said...

ha, sure. i'm just waiting for a few more hits so this $0.02 we've pulled in can turn into something we can buy a can of Speights with.

Chris Bassoo said...

Posted by Chris Bassoo

Congrats on being a blog of note...Recently I found the Real World, Denver and Las Vegas on Rogers MTV and they had all the episodes...I had never seen this show and ended up watching a marathon over 2 days...I was enthralled with the real life drama...I also can't wait to visit some of the locations...great show and great Blog

warmest of regards Christopher Bassoo from Canada

Mandi said...

Great blog! I'm looking forward to seeing the South Island photos.
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Roadrunner said...

I hope you'll explain to your old Dad how you constructed the My Maps thing of your N.Island journey so I can use it on our 25th anniversary trip to France next month. 'ppreciate it!

Mom Trainer said...

Wow, what a great trip! It looks like you three have had a great time on NZ North Island despite the rains you have described on the travelog. I really am glad you can do the trip pics & description so we can enjoy vicariously. Can you go back for the South Island trip via map and pics to give us the same sort of details? Or does it take much time?

Crow said...

cool blog...very interesting entries

Me, Myself & I said...

good blog nice construction ;)

interesting stories - looking forward to seeing more of NZ

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