Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Power Rankings: Week Three

New Year's Edition
From the first time zone in the world to ring in '007

#1 Shock (Last Week: 5)
Spent a long night at work throwing back drinks and throwing out trouble. Luckily, at a bar that parties like it's nineteen eighty-nine, he can spend much more time doing the former.

#2 Calvert (Last Week: 3)
Somehow Calvert managed to be the only nzboy in front of a bar at midnight. While free drinks for the rest of us could be considered stealing, his fell under good customer service. Misses the top spot only for being the first one home.

#3 Trainer (Last Week: 1)
We know this blog often makes it sound like an endless party down here. Not true. There are sometimes entire days when we don't even get out of bed. So far, Trainer is the poster boy for this lifestyle, which might not be such a good thing.

#4 Charlie (Last Week: 2)
Charlie follows one of the most exciting nights (we hear after hour activities included a cricket match in the bar), with one of the most useless next days. Oh, and finds out the hard way that in NZ, 'shoes off' doesn't keep you safe.

#5 Dunne (Last Week: 4)
Excited to be spending less time bouncing and more time tending, yet still plagued by late hours and Economist withdrawal. A trip to the gym will make everything better...if he can ever wake up in time to get there.

#6 Morgan (Last Week: 6)
Worked 11am-3am...with a stiff upper lip above the bar and an even stiffer gin/tonic below it. Referring to it as a 'spirited' performance doesn't improve his ranking this week, nor his wit.


Shirl said...

Hey Guys,

I look up you blog every morning at work and love to see the new entries after being away from Camp for 12 days. I'm glad to see none of you have made it to jail just yet. Keep up the good work and Happy New Year. I'm still waiting for my postcards.

Love you all,

Anonymous said...

Morgan, I hope you got some quality double time for that?

Dunne, the Economist is (mostly) free online man, there's no need for withdrawal. Check out the articles on jinns and pashtunwali, I think the editors are getting a little crazier these days.


Shley said...

Hahaaaaaaa That would be classic camp behaviour if any of you guys do end up in Jail. Really, what is a winter without a former staffer or two ending up in the slammer and calling for bail? I second the post card thing. But I've also moved, so it's ok.


Anonymous said...

yay! Shock is number 1 (and hella cute)!

chrisshock187 said...

You're all #1 in my book. I love you guys!!! You're the coolest guys in 163 The Terrace, Apt. 503, Wellington, New Zealand!!


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