Sunday, January 07, 2007


9/11/61 - 1/5/07

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone whose lives he touched.


Shirl said...

ROD BAKER 9/11/61 - 1/5/07 One of the smartest and funniest people I ever knew. I'll miss him greatly and always remember the best times.

Shirl said...

Morgan, Charlies, Dunner, Shocker, Trainer and

Morgan and Charlie, I got your messages from Camp today and tried to return your phone calls. I'm total lame when it comes to international calls because the Camp phones were restricted and the phone cards didn't work. I googled how to call New Zealand and printed it, attached it with a paperclip with your phone numbers to try from home and left it on my desk at Camp.

You've probably talked to several people to find out how the deal went with Rod today so I'm not going to go into detail other than to say that he was an amazing man...My first day tour through Camp, I was trying to put faces with names and the way I remembered Rod was by his beautiful, amazing eyes. Since then, I've learned to love him for so many reasons, He's probably the smartest person I know, the funniest and the most ridiculous. He struggled the last couple of month with a serious disease but I will always think of him lovingly and fondly.

Ruth Rich suggested a rememberance book for Rods children of all the great things we remember, so if you want to contribute please send it to me.

I apologize for using your upbeat blog for contacting you but you all have been a part of Rods life for awhile.

bethany said...

hello gents. i hope things are going well for you in the east. here are some exerpts from the myspace blog that i posted last night:

"the world has suffered a great loss today. i'm not going to pretend that he didn't drive me crazy from day one. some days he could be an insufferable man. i loved that man anyway.

if there were a "heaven" would "the powers that be" invite him to enter? some could argue that. the bible says no. but i also don't believe that the bible is the ultimate authority. for all of the wrong he had done, he counteracted it 1,000 times with good. it is too bad most people did not see that side of him. i have never in my life met a more intelligent man, nor someone that could make me laugh as much as he did. he chose the life that he led out of beauty and respect. and love...."

" will never be the same. that paradise was his passion and along with the twins, it drove him to keep going day after day even though he hated this world. he opened my eyes and taught me more about life than i could have learned in years of sitting in classrooms. he always said the wrong thing at the wrong time. depending on the way you looked at it, the way i looked at it, they may have been the right things at the right times. i like to think so. jonathan, the kitchen guys, and a handful of others would agree with me. we will all miss the laughter and insanity.

rodderick baker, i hope you found peace."

i'll write sometime next week to let you know how the funeral/memorial went. much love from michigan....


PS--remember when rod took that pie to the face this summer? classic.

Bubbler said...

don't know if they might help anyone, but i've been writing out my feelings as they come to me. if you are working through it and want to see how someone else is dealing, read it at
Mark aka HOHO