Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Super Bowl Week

"The most anticipated event of each and every year, the culmination of five months of thrills, endless statistics, ego boosts, and several disappointments; a major holiday, no, the major holiday, a day when routine and care is suspended; when the nation, the world, comes together as one; a festival that cuts across national, racial, and religious boundaries; a ritual during which no time exists except the artificial time on the game clock, a symbolic battle in which only token blood is shed and for which the duration of which the grip of death on the human psyche is relaxed and put aside."
-Tom Robbins


Shley said...

Why does it not surprise me that this is calvert's blog. No worries buddy, I'll be cheering for your bears on Sunday in your stead...though I'm sure you'll find someway to watch the game. Hey, just for fun, check out the article on new and fun ways to make money while you travel (trust me, you boys will enjoy this)


Kevin said...

Calvert, the time has arrived. We were five years old the last time that this occured. Just so you know, Ditka was wearing the old bears sweater vest on tv this morning. Hope you get to watch the Bears win today.

Talk to you soon


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