Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Power Rankings: Week Four

#1 Charlie
Charlie might as well have been here a year rather than a month - he has blended in seamlessly to the Wellington scene and is the picture of consistency. And the Mac's crew is tight - indoor croquet sessions and late night drinking games are not out of the ordinary. The man sleeps on couch cushions and doesn't complain. He works full time. He holds his liquor well. He doesn't scare girls. He always has bread. The boys could learn a lot from Mr. Powers.
#2 Shock
Getting by on his street charm at the door the first couple weeks, Shock is filling new holes. At work. Get your mind outta the gutter. Slinging drinks for the first time, "The Power of Love" sounds so much sweeter on the other side of the bar. Also performed an out of control striptease, dead sober, for a room full of screaming young ladies at a bachelorette party.
#3 Calvert
Calvert had quite the busy week, logging in damn near 60 hours. Out of the boys, he maintains the best schedule, works with the cutest girls, and (supposedly) is on a fast track to management. So why does that No. 1 spot seem so elusive? Well, perhaps one of said bar girls can fill you in on one of his many late night ramblings/proposals this week - he sure can't recall them. Oh yeah, and he got kicked out of his own bar.
#4 Morgan
MoMa clocks in at No. 4 with a bullet. Proving ever valuable to the folks at Chicago, common sense and a reasonable lunchtime crowd have provided smooth sailing for Morgan on the shores of Wellington Harbour. Also, he's been real cool about lending Calvert cash.
#5 Dunne
Dunne keeps the status quo at five again this week, dutifully haeding off to Mollys each night, pre-made cheese sandwiches in tow. Lately, he's been off the sauce and more on foreign affairs. Unfortunately, the deepest anybody in the Wellington hospo industry gets into that field is the great Beck's/Stella Artois debate.
#6 Trainer
While maintaining some of the best relations with fellow staff, it seems the powers that be at Shooters have still yet to tap into the vast resourses they have at hand. A lack of hours and a slow debt payment on behalf of certain roommates created a slight cash flow dillemma. New gig at little Italian bistro has quite alot of potential to dig Pain Train out of the cellar.


j kelly said...

sweet! way to go MoMa. finally crawling out of that last place spot. and congrats to charlie coming out on top as usual.

nice post, calvert. i like how keeping up with the blog is a group effort. keep 'em coming.

Trainer said...

uh oh, look's like the Tennessee coach has thrown out the red flag on the play. He looks pretty unhappy with the referee's call on this one. He wants to review the play. Let's look at this week again in slow motion.
Yeah, there it is. You see Trainer actually sweating his ass off as he helps his crew of 8 serve 5000 drinks in 5 hours. Shooters looks to be THE place to be on Wednesday night in Wellington. I can see why the coach is unhappy with this. He's wondering why his player got dumped into last place after securing a second job and making sure to actually wash his dishes after using them. Rumor has it that the referee's outstanding debt might have unfairly influenced his decision.